why-did-paul-manafort-need-to-get-to-trump-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 07:01

Why Did Paul Manafort Need to Get to Trump? |...

3 days ago     147,500 Views    
donald-trump-is-f-cking-crazy-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 08:30

Donald Trump is F*cking Crazy | The Resistanc...

5 days ago     168,074 Views    
donald-trump-is-the-harvey-weinstein-of-washington-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 05:28

Donald Trump is the Harvey Weinstein of Washi...

6 days ago     111,341 Views    
is-mueller-trying-to-stop-trump-from-pardoning-people-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 07:06

Is Mueller Trying to Stop Trump From Pardonin...

1 week ago     170,853 Views    
cedric-the-entertainer-makes-the-world-s-greatest-man-wich-gq 05:27

Cedric the Entertainer Makes the World's Grea...

1 week ago     19,368 Views    
what-mike-pence-s-cynical-anthem-stunt-cost-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 08:45

What Mike Pence’s Cynical Anthem Stunt Cost |...

1 week ago     84,353 Views    
the-truth-about-pence-s-despicable-nfl-stunt-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 06:53

The Truth About Pence’s Despicable NFL Stunt ...

1 week ago     131,371 Views    
the-roots-of-trump-s-prejudice-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 05:46

The Roots of Trump’s Prejudice | The Resistan...

2 weeks ago     138,784 Views    
trump-is-not-planning-to-rebuild-puerto-rico-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 07:34

Trump is Not Planning to Rebuild Puerto Rico ...

2 weeks ago     169,416 Views    
trump-s-condolences-and-sympathies-won-t-cut-it-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 05:19

Trump’s “Condolences and Sympathies” Won’t Cu...

2 weeks ago     97,616 Views    
trump-s-nine-russia-scandals-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 10:01

Trump's Nine Russia Scandals | The Resistance...

3 weeks ago     89,871 Views    
how-the-pittsburgh-penguins-became-trump-s-political-pawns-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann 05:48

How the Pittsburgh Penguins Became Trump’s Po...

3 weeks ago     98,515 Views    
trump-is-destroying-puerto-rico-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 05:12

Trump is Destroying Puerto Rico | The Resista...

3 weeks ago     188,847 Views    
we-will-not-stand-for-trump-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 08:31

We Will Not Stand for Trump | The Resistance ...

3 weeks ago     183,235 Views    
why-trump-is-always-always-the-victim-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 05:33

Why Trump is Always (Always!) the Victim | Th...

1 month ago     94,368 Views    
trump-russia-and-the-facebook-factor-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 08:53

Trump, Russia, and the Facebook Factor | The ...

1 month ago     97,479 Views    
it-s-now-dawned-on-trump-people-hate-him-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 06:44

It’s Now Dawned on Trump: People Hate Him | T...

1 month ago     175,118 Views    
lil-peep-on-the-face-tattoos-he-was-too-f-cked-up-to-remember-tattoo-tour-gq 06:05

Lil Peep on the Face Tattoos He Was Too F*cke...

1 month ago     424,724 Views    
the-media-doesn-t-understand-what-trump-is-doing-the-resistance-with-keith-olbermann-gq 06:25

The Media Doesn’t Understand What Trump is Do...

1 month ago     146,054 Views    
harrison-ford-on-returning-to-blade-runner-star-wars-indiana-jones-gq 02:21

Harrison Ford on Returning to ‘Blade Runner’,...

1 month ago     11,637 Views    


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