Yvette Carnell

barack-was-your-reparations-trumpcare-implodes-white-pro-reparations-candidate-in-florida-7-19 1:30:12

"Barack Was Your Reparations", Trumpcare Impl...

13 hours ago     4,152 Views    
what-r-kelly-teaches-us-about-kings-queens-and-peasants-7-18 1:22:12

What R. Kelly Teaches Us about Kings, Queens,...

1 day ago     3,482 Views    
dr-umar-johnson-roland-martin-and-the-test-of-black-leadership-7-12 1:33:16

Dr. Umar Johnson, Roland Martin, and the Test...

1 week ago     5,368 Views    
floyd-money-mayweather-is-fighting-to-pay-taxes-and-hatin-on-jay-z-07-10 1:37:42

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Is Fighting to Pay T...

1 week ago     3,913 Views    
georgetown-sold-slaves-but-can-t-pay-tuition-for-the-slaves-descendants-07-05 1:36:17

Georgetown Sold Slaves, but Can't Pay Tuition...

2 weeks ago     3,808 Views    
jay-z-isn-t-deep-and-neither-is-his-album-his-job-is-social-control-7-03 1:30:12

Jay-Z Isn't Deep, and Neither Is His Album. H...

2 weeks ago     4,465 Views    
yvette-carnell-at-west-louisville-forum-w-dr-cosby-of-simmons-college 40:26

Yvette Carnell at West Louisville Forum w/ Dr...

2 weeks ago     141 Views    
philando-castile-should-be-alive-officer-who-shot-him-should-be-in-jail-6-21 1:36:00

Philando Castile Should Be Alive. Officer Who...

4 weeks ago     4,445 Views    
kamala-harris-steve-harvey-and-solutions-for-recognizing-class-enemies-6-19 1:18:36

Kamala Harris, Steve Harvey, and Solutions fo...

1 month ago     3,168 Views    
did-you-raise-a-highly-functional-kid-the-chances-are-you-didn-t-6-14 1:34:36

Did You Raise a Highly Functional Kid? The Ch...

1 month ago     3,573 Views    
your-black-politicians-are-scared-of-bill-maher-here-is-why-6-05 1:35:11

Your Black Politicians Are Scared of Bill Mah...

1 month ago     4,128 Views    
mo-nique-was-only-paid-50k-in-precious-oscar-performance 19:25

Mo'Nique Was Only Paid $50k in "Precious" Osc...

1 month ago     267 Views    
i-m-black-not-poor-really-5-22 1:42:36

"I'm Black, Not Poor" Really? 5/22

1 month ago     15,441 Views    
mo-nique-tyler-perry-lee-daniels-oprah-and-the-social-engineering-of-hollywood-5-17 1:46:08

Mo'Nique, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Oprah and...

2 months ago     29,537 Views    
black-spending-power-is-an-illusion-but-the-racial-wealth-gap-is-real-5-15 1:48:04

Black Spending Power Is an Illusion, but the ...

2 months ago     3,493 Views    
dr-boyce-watkins-calls-the-racial-wealth-gap-an-illusion-he-s-wrong 55:49

Dr. Boyce Watkins Calls the Racial Wealth Gap...

2 months ago     100 Views    
lavar-ball-charlamagne-tha-god-and-all-these-haters 13:26

LaVar Ball, Charlamagne Tha God, and All Thes...

2 months ago     182 Views    
lavar-ball-paydayjordans-and-the-myth-of-black-capitalism-5-01 1:40:21

LaVar Ball, PaydayJordans, and the Myth of Bl...

2 months ago     3,373 Views    
charlamagne-the-god-henrietta-lacks-and-the-myth-of-black-privilege-4-24 1:45:49

Charlamagne The God, Henrietta Lacks, and the...

2 months ago     3,318 Views    
breaking-brown-bill-o-reilly-out-at-fox-news-what-that-means-for-us-4-19 1:27:46

Breaking Brown: Bill O'Reilly Out at Fox News...

3 months ago     3,283 Views    


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