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11-total-reception-centres-now-open-for-b-c-fire-evacuees 01:06

11 total reception centres now open for B.C. ...

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what-is-the-calm-before-the-storm-how-does-it-work 01:16

WHAT is the calm before the storm? | HOW does...

22 hours ago     5 Views    
squirrel-decides-to-hide-in-man-s-pocket-watch-what-he-does 00:48

Squirrel decides to hide in man’s pocket, wat...

2 days ago     8 Views    
humpback-whale-narrowly-misses-small-boat-after-breaching-water 00:44

Humpback whale narrowly misses small boat aft...

2 days ago     0 Views    
florida-sinkhole-swallows-entire-house-watch-the-video-before-it-goes-viral 00:49

Florida sinkhole swallows entire house, watch...

5 days ago     8 Views    
do-you-have-a-bird-feeder-here-s-why-you-may-want-to-take-it-down-and-quickly 01:46

Do you have a bird feeder? Here's why you may...

5 days ago     3 Views    
storm-hunter-turns-shark-diver-and-gets-this-amazing-video 00:36

Storm hunter turns shark diver and gets this ...

5 days ago     1 Views    
the-pure-size-of-this-hail-is-terrifying-and-it-fell-in-alberta-thursday 00:35

The pure SIZE of this hail is terrifying and ...

6 days ago     0 Views    
waterspout-captured-on-ontario-lake-july-12-2017 00:25

Waterspout captured on Ontario Lake | July 12...

1 week ago     4 Views    
canadian-man-hit-by-lightning-while-giving-speech-at-his-daughter-s-wedding 01:20

Canadian man hit by lightning while giving sp...

1 week ago     2 Views    
human-caused-forest-fire-caught-on-camera-starting-in-b-c 01:05

Human-caused forest fire caught on camera sta...

1 week ago     3 Views    
california-highway-patrol-try-to-wrangle-a-deer-fleeing-wildfires 00:31

California Highway Patrol try to wrangle a de...

1 week ago     4 Views    
police-free-bear-cub-after-head-gets-stuck-in-a-plastic-jug 00:44

Police free bear cub after head gets stuck in...

1 week ago     1 Views    
how-big-is-a-hectare-what-is-a-hectare 01:12

How big is a hectare? What is a hectare?

1 week ago     4 Views    
who-s-being-impacted-by-burning-wildfires-right-now 00:58

Who's being impacted by burning wildfires RIG...

1 week ago     2 Views    
fort-mcmurray-residents-ready-to-help-know-what-b-c-is-going-through 01:46

Fort McMurray residents ready to help, know w...

1 week ago     0 Views    
we-re-not-sure-what-this-squirrel-is-doing-but-it-s-entertaining-to-watch 01:03

We’re not sure WHAT this squirrel is doing, b...

1 week ago     6 Views    
5-must-see-videos-from-b-c-wildfires-number-4-shows-the-real-terror 01:12

5 must-see videos from B.C. wildfires, number...

1 week ago     2 Views    
rare-albino-whale-migaloo-follows-tourist-boat-off-coast 00:48

Rare albino whale 'Migaloo' follows tourist b...

1 week ago     1 Views    
weather-a-big-problem-b-c-wildfires-force-over-10-000-out 00:52

Weather a BIG problem, B.C. wildfires force o...

1 week ago     2 Views    


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