man-s-7k-lego-collection-is-stolen-ft-gina-darling-davidsocomedy 10:54

Man's $7k Lego Collection is Stolen! ft. Gina...

1 day ago     69,087 Views    
aim-shutting-down-after-20-years-ft-davidsocomedy 11:03

AIM Shutting Down After 20 Years ft. DavidSoC...

4 days ago     9,578 Views    
ws-pepper-x-soon-to-be-world-s-hottest-pepper-ft-davidsocomedy 20:38

WS - "Pepper X" Soon To Be World’s Hottest Pe...

4 days ago     132,106 Views    
harvey-weinstein-fired-after-allegations-surface-ft-davidsocomedy 16:57

Harvey Weinstein Fired After Allegations Surf...

5 days ago     133,163 Views    
ws-mcdonald-s-szechuan-sauce-causes-outrage-ft-davidsocomedy 20:25

WS - McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Causes Outrag...

5 days ago     109,292 Views    
couple-of-16-years-has-never-lived-together-ft-nikki-limo-steve-greene-davidsocomedy 13:40

Couple of 16 Years Has Never Lived Together f...

5 days ago     67,002 Views    
woman-s-genitals-gets-unwanted-lick-during-massage 11:39

Woman's Genitals Gets Unwanted Lick During Ma...

6 days ago     99,862 Views    
video-game-shut-down-has-all-the-chinese-stereotypes 10:28

Video Game Shut Down; Has ALL the Chinese Ste...

1 week ago     52,353 Views    
hopeful-dater-gets-blocked-over-powerpoint-presentation-ft-steebeeweebee-g-darling-davidso 14:41

Hopeful Dater Gets Blocked Over Powerpoint Pr...

1 week ago     18,382 Views    
dad-drove-20-000-miles-to-drop-daughter-off-at-school-ft-steve-greene 14:22

Dad Drove 20,000 Miles to Drop Daughter Off a...

1 week ago     105,954 Views    
plastic-surgery-industry-concerned-over-instagram-ads-ft-nikki-limo-steve-greene-davidsocomedy 14:15

Plastic Surgery Industry Concerned Over Insta...

1 week ago     125,698 Views    
what-should-you-do-when-angry-ft-steebee-weebee-gina-darling-davidsocomedy 13:59

What Should You Do When Angry? ft. Steebee We...

1 week ago     112,393 Views    
this-creepy-house-is-freaking-out-the-neighbors-ft-nikki-limo-steve-greene-davidsocomedy 11:31

This Creepy House is Freaking Out the Neighbo...

1 week ago     134,603 Views    
former-celebrities-with-regular-jobs-ft-nikki-limo-steve-greene-davidsocomedy 14:36

Former Celebrities With Regular Jobs ft. Nikk...

1 week ago     10,747 Views    
crazy-items-suggested-to-buyers-on-amazon-website-ft-gina-darling-davidsocomedy 11:28

Crazy Items Suggested to Buyers on Amazon Web...

1 week ago     99,493 Views    
your-dirty-habit-isn-t-as-secret-as-you-think-ft-gina-darling-davidsocomedy 11:18

Your Dirty Habit Isn't as Secret as You Think...

1 week ago     153,670 Views    
woman-goes-crazy-because-bubble-tea-wasn-t-sweet-enough-ft-gina-darling-davidsocomedy 14:19

Woman Goes Crazy Because Bubble Tea Wasn't Sw...

2 weeks ago     128,569 Views    
hugh-hefner-passes-away-at-91 11:39

Hugh Hefner Passes Away At 91

2 weeks ago     157,978 Views    
wal-mart-wants-to-stock-your-fridge-when-you-re-not-home-ft-ricky-shucks 12:44

Wal-Mart Wants to Stock Your Fridge When You'...

2 weeks ago     90,350 Views    
young-model-reveals-truth-of-fashion-industry-ft-steve-greene-nikki-limo-davidsocomedy 17:34

Young Model Reveals Truth of Fashion Industry...

2 weeks ago     192,030 Views    


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