pop-up-restaurant-staffed-by-waiters-with-alzheimer-s-ft-davidsocomedy 12:57

Pop-Up Restaurant Staffed by Waiters with Alz...

17 hours ago     3,447 Views    
dennis-rodman-taking-credit-for-otto-warmbier-release-ft-peter-sudarso-davidsocomedy 11:47

Dennis Rodman Taking Credit for Otto Warmbier...

20 hours ago     5,425 Views    
4-year-old-survives-after-missing-in-forest-for-4-days-ft-davidsocomedy 12:32

4-Year-Old Survives After Missing in Forest f...

1 day ago     6,540 Views    
subway-worker-fends-off-robber-with-calm-response-ft-davidsocomedy 10:34

Subway Worker Fends Off Robber with Calm Resp...

1 day ago     4,986 Views    
toxic-co-workers-are-bad-for-your-health-ft-blogilates-davidsocomedy 11:31

Toxic Co-Workers are Bad for Your Health! ft...

2 days ago     1,739 Views    
two-women-and-their-husband-parent-as-a-threesome-ft-davidsocomedy 12:51

Two Women and their Husband Parent as a Three...

2 days ago     5,553 Views    
weekend-scramble-michael-phelps-planning-to-race-great-white-shark-ft-davidsocomedy 18:50

WEEKEND SCRAMBLE - Michael Phelps Planning to...

2 days ago     4,601 Views    
bill-cosby-to-teach-others-how-to-avoid-sexual-charges-ft-peter-sudarso-davidsocomedy 12:41

Bill Cosby to Teach Others How to Avoid Sexua...

2 days ago     8,240 Views    
woman-is-caught-riding-a-stranger-on-a-plane-ft-davidsocomedy 12:12

Woman is Caught Riding a Stranger on a Plane ...

3 days ago     6,786 Views    
woman-ran-31-miles-in-a-skirt-and-sandals-ft-davidsocomedy 13:23

Woman Ran 31 Miles in a Skirt and Sandals?! f...

3 days ago     3,081 Views    
man-is-freed-from-jail-after-his-doppelganger-was-caught-ft-davidsocomedy 10:42

Man is Freed From Jail After His Doppelganger...

3 days ago     5,823 Views    
psychologist-claims-pacman-is-just-as-violent-as-doom-ft-davidsocomedy 12:39

Psychologist Claims 'PacMan' is Just as Viole...

3 days ago     3,213 Views    
karaoke-party-took-a-bad-turn-after-man-got-booed-on-stage 10:06

Karaoke Party Took a Bad Turn After Man Got B...

4 days ago     4,074 Views    
14-year-old-may-have-to-register-as-sex-offender-ft-davidsocomedy 13:01

14-Year-Old May Have to Register As Sex Offen...

4 days ago     4,457 Views    
confusing-k-o-results-in-kickboxer-being-bum-rushed-in-the-ring-ft-davidsocomedy 11:09

Confusing K.O. Results in Kickboxer Being Bum...

4 days ago     3,872 Views    
researchers-are-using-sound-to-levitate-medicine-ft-davidsocomedy 10:18

Researchers Are Using Sound to Levitate Medic...

4 days ago     2,312 Views    
woman-disguised-herself-as-a-man-to-get-work-ft-davidsocomedy 13:07

Woman Disguised Herself as a Man to Get Work ...

5 days ago     4,480 Views    
woman-finds-out-13-ring-she-bought-is-worth-500k-ft-davidsocomedy 14:12

Woman Finds Out $13 Ring She Bought Is Worth ...

5 days ago     5,288 Views    
man-has-unusual-advice-following-death-of-his-wife-ft-davidsocomedy 13:13

Man Has Unusual Advice Following Death of His...

6 days ago     4,027 Views    
middle-school-student-receives-award-which-gets-two-teachers-fired-ft-davidsocomedy 12:43

Middle School Student Receives Award Which Ge...

6 days ago     6,816 Views    


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