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continetti-for-republicans-impeachment-not-likely-a-tool-they-re-going-to-use 01:02

Continetti: For Republicans, Impeachment Not ...

8 hours ago     16 Views    
wh-communications-director-scaramucci-the-white-house-is-on-track 02:42

WH Communications Director Scaramucci: 'The W...

12 hours ago     12 Views    
scaramucci-announces-huckabee-sanders-as-press-sec-hopes-spicer-gets-rich 03:01

Scaramucci Announces Huckabee Sanders as Pres...

12 hours ago     7 Views    
tomi-lahren-previews-debate-with-chelsea-handler-this-conversation-needs-to-happen 02:20

Tomi Lahren previews debate with Chelsea Hand...

1 day ago     8 Views    
jeff-sessions-responds-to-trump-s-criticism 02:12

Jeff Sessions Responds to Trump's Criticism

1 day ago     10 Views    
bernie-sanders-denies-saying-republican-health-care-bill-will-kill-people 01:47

Bernie Sanders denies saying Republican healt...

2 days ago     7 Views    
larry-lindsey-says-cbo-is-part-of-the-swamp 04:20

Larry Lindsey says CBO is part of the swamp

2 days ago     5 Views    
lewandowski-repeatedly-mentions-how-beautiful-melania-trump-is-during-fox-segment 01:29

Lewandowski repeatedly mentions how 'beautifu...

2 days ago     3 Views    
dem-rep-democrats-don-t-have-a-national-leader 01:14

Dem Rep: Democrats Don't Have a National Leader

2 days ago     9 Views    
cory-booker-trump-s-idea-to-let-obamacare-fail-is-evil-and-sinister 01:22

Cory Booker: Trump's idea to let Obamacare fa...

2 days ago     2 Views    
fox-reporter-jokes-he-s-leaving-white-house-briefing-early-because-it-s-off-camera 00:24

Fox reporter jokes he's leaving White House b...

3 days ago     12 Views    
fox-news-host-not-amused-with-lindsey-graham-s-answer-about-health-care-debacle 01:00

Fox News host not amused with Lindsey Graham'...

3 days ago     6 Views    
pelosi-reads-off-her-phone-during-press-conference 02:56

Pelosi reads off her phone during press confe...

3 days ago     54,058 Views    
pence-rips-congress-over-failure-to-repeal-obamacare 04:26

Pence rips Congress over failure to repeal Ob...

3 days ago     9 Views    
paul-ryan-i-m-worried-obamacare-will-stand 01:50

Paul Ryan: I'm worried Obamacare will stand

3 days ago     27 Views    
continetti-trump-s-poll-numbers-have-gotten-stuck-in-a-russia-morass-since-firing-comey 01:42

Continetti: Trump's Poll Numbers Have Gotten ...

4 days ago     18 Views    
trump-checks-out-the-fire-truck-while-spicer-instagrams-in-mirror-s-reflection 01:16

Trump checks out the fire truck while Spicer ...

4 days ago     9 Views    
spicer-democrats-colluded-with-ukraine 01:20

Spicer: Democrats colluded with Ukraine

4 days ago     11 Views    
trump-campaign-aide-caputo-i-heard-of-no-collusion-with-russia 01:55

Trump Campaign Aide Caputo: I Heard of No Col...

4 days ago     5 Views    
warner-i-want-everyone-involved-in-trump-jr-meeting-with-russian-lawyer-to-testify 02:03

Warner: I want everyone involved in Trump Jr....

5 days ago     8 Views    


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