Y Combinator

blockchain-investing-olaf-carlson-wee-and-aaron-harris 53:18

Blockchain Investing - Olaf Carlson-Wee and A...

1 day ago     19 Views    
q-with-yc-partners-at-the-female-founders-conference 22:10

Q with YC Partners at the Female Founders Con...

6 days ago     13 Views    
aileen-lee-and-kirsty-nathoo-at-the-female-founders-conference 26:39

Aileen Lee and Kirsty Nathoo at the Female Fo...

1 week ago     44 Views    
ipfs-coinlist-and-the-filecoin-ico-with-juan-benet-and-dalton-caldwell 2:14:24

IPFS, CoinList, and the Filecoin ICO with Jua...

2 weeks ago     9 Views    
female-founders-conference-2017 5:09:24

Female Founders Conference 2017

2 weeks ago     2,406 Views    
ex-machina-s-scientific-advisor-murray-shanahan 52:44

Ex Machina's Scientific Advisor - Murray Shan...

3 weeks ago     9 Views    
scaling-growth-gustaf-alstromer-yc-partner-formerly-airbnb-ed-baker-formerly-uber 34:46

Scaling Growth | Gustaf Alstromer, YC Partner...

3 weeks ago     130 Views    
how-can-you-become-a-good-manager 04:15

How Can You Become A Good Manager?

4 weeks ago     32 Views    
how-should-business-schools-prepare-students-for-startups-jeff-bussgang-and-michael-seibel 34:01

How Should Business Schools Prepare Students ...

4 weeks ago     99 Views    
the-job-of-a-cfo-at-a-scaling-company-sarah-friar-cfo-of-square-jason-child-cfo-of-opendoor 31:01

The Job of a CFO at a Scaling Company | Sarah...

4 weeks ago     19 Views    
at-the-intersection-of-ai-governments-and-google-tim-hwang 40:06

At The Intersection of AI, Governments, and G...

1 month ago     22 Views    
building-your-board-glenn-kelman 30:40

Building Your Board | Glenn Kelman

1 month ago     14 Views    
office-hours-with-ali-rowghani 24:16

Office Hours with Ali Rowghani

1 month ago     25 Views    
rick-and-morty-writer-ryan-ridley 52:07

Rick and Morty Writer: Ryan Ridley

1 month ago     49 Views    
scaling-product-fireside-with-joe-gebbia-and-reid-hoffman 30:59

Scaling Product | Fireside with Joe Gebbia an...

1 month ago     25 Views    
the-technical-advisor-for-silicon-valley-on-hbo-ed-mcmanus 33:17

The Technical Advisor for Silicon Valley on H...

2 months ago     7 Views    
hiring-engineers-with-ammon-bartram 41:42

Hiring Engineers with Ammon Bartram

2 months ago     5 Views    
advice-for-nontechnical-founders-jessica-livingston 02:55

Advice for Nontechnical Founders - Jessica Li...

2 months ago     18 Views    
finding-a-cofounder-drew-houston-of-dropbox 03:08

Finding a Cofounder - Drew Houston of Dropbox

2 months ago     15 Views    
ruchi-sanghvi-on-sweating-the-details 04:58

Ruchi Sanghvi on Sweating the Details

2 months ago     15 Views    


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