Philly D

oh-no-you-didn-t 10:45

Oh No You Didn't...

3 days ago     108,181 Views    
look-what-we-got 07:49

Look What We Got...

6 days ago     77,508 Views    
what-did-i-get-myself-into 11:13

What Did I Get Myself Into...

1 week ago     175,586 Views    
i-feel-a-little-funny 07:58

I Feel a Little Funny...

1 week ago     106,817 Views    
i-can-say-it 11:08

I Can Say It!

1 week ago     106,722 Views    
why-did-we-come-here 10:39

Why Did We Come Here?!

2 weeks ago     125,154 Views    
new-baby-in-the-office 09:49

New Baby In The Office!

2 weeks ago     131,517 Views    
it-wasn-t-me-i-swear 07:08

It Wasn't Me, I Swear!

2 weeks ago     152,784 Views    
i-have-some-problems-with-this-dbc2 11:23

I have some problems with this... (DBC2)

3 weeks ago     124,005 Views    
welp 10:34


3 weeks ago     200,117 Views    
it-s-about-to-get-worse 09:32

It's About To Get Worse...

3 weeks ago     209,658 Views    
it-s-time-to-suit-up 08:40

It's time to SUIT UP!

3 weeks ago     169,110 Views    
oh-this-could-be-very-bad 02:12

Oh, This Could Be Very Bad.

4 weeks ago     195,677 Views    
i-m-surprised-no-one-got-hurt 09:03

I'm Surprised No One Got Hurt...

4 weeks ago     190,697 Views    
the-one-without-phil-kinda 08:47

The one without Phil...kinda

1 month ago     122,401 Views    
time-to-face-your-fear 11:24

Time to face your fear...

1 month ago     94,628 Views    
i-m-sorry-i-lied 08:13

I'm Sorry I Lied.

1 month ago     189,514 Views    
it-s-baby-time 07:57

It's baby time...

1 month ago     238,168 Views    
it-was-just-a-joke-i-swear 08:15

It Was Just A Joke, I Swear!

1 month ago     260,028 Views    
time-to-find-out-who-is-actually-right 08:44

Time To Find Out Who Is ACTUALLY Right...

1 month ago     259,946 Views    


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