what-happens-when-you-get-a-hot-shot-of-meth-this-is-out-of-control 20:39

What happens when you get a Hot shot of Meth ...

23 hours ago     48 Views    
mark-taylor-prophecy-roe-v-wade-overturned-trump-appoints-another-supreme-judge 08:54

Mark Taylor Prophecy Roe v Wade Overturned Tr...

3 days ago     17 Views    
total-solar-eclipse-2017-when-where-and-how-to-see-it-august-21-2017 03:11

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 When, Where and How ...

6 days ago     16 Views    
armed-russian-su-27-jet-comes-within-5-feet-of-us-rc-135-recon-jet-over-baltic-sea 02:59

Armed Russian SU-27 jet comes within 5 feet o...

1 week ago     44 Views    
russia-warns-it-will-treat-us-led-coalition-jets-in-syria-as-targets-after-us-downed-syrian-jet 03:33

Russia warns it will treat US led coalition j...

1 week ago     28 Views    
yellowstone-volcano-mark-taylor-prophecy-a-sign-will-be-given-a-massive-volcanic-eruption 08:33

Yellowstone Volcano: Mark Taylor Prophecy A s...

1 week ago     30 Views    
the-moment-that-james-hodgkinson-opened-fire 02:42

The moment that James Hodgkinson opened fire

1 week ago     13 Views    
something-is-coming-nasa-discovers-10-hazardous-inbound-asteroid-s-close-to-earth 04:21

Something is Coming: NASA discovers 10 hazard...

2 weeks ago     33 Views    
ufo-s-everywhere-nasa-sts-74-mission-footage-ufo-mysteries 13:49

UFO's Everywhere: NASA STS 74 Mission Footage...

2 weeks ago     28 Views    
asteroid-warning-fragments-which-could-wipe-out-nations-hidden-in-taurids-meteor-shower 02:42

ASTEROID WARNING Fragments which could wipe o...

2 weeks ago     45 Views    
fake-news-cnn-s-chris-cuomo-gets-owned-by-deputy-assistant-sebastian-gorka-must-see 17:23

Fake News CNN's Chris Cuomo gets owned by Dep...

3 weeks ago     55 Views    
mud-creek-slide-massive-mudslide-cuts-off-part-of-hwy-1-near-big-sur 02:01

Mud Creek Slide: Massive Mudslide Cuts Off P...

1 month ago     24 Views    
is-russia-prepping-for-space-war-3-mystery-satellites-reactivated 02:45

Is Russia prepping for space war 3 mystery sa...

1 month ago     31 Views    
ufos-and-nukes-secret-link-revealed 48:11

#UFOs and Nukes Secret Link Revealed

1 month ago     14 Views    
producer-speaks-out-claims-a-global-satanic-pedo-ring-controls-hollywood 12:29

Producer Speaks Out, Claims a Global Satanic ...

1 month ago     24 Views    
severe-weather-events-tornadoes-ok-tx-ks-mo-ia-supercells-test 1:32:39

Severe Weather Events TORNADOES |OK-TX-KS-MO-...

1 month ago     162 Views    
north-korea-prepping-emp-attack-aimed-at-us-homeland 16:25

North Korea Prepping EMP Attack Aimed At US ...

1 month ago     53 Views    
impeach-trump-main-stream-media-in-a-frenzy-over-donald-trump-being-president 03:47

Impeach Trump Main Stream Media in a Frenzy o...

1 month ago     16 Views    
north-korea-says-the-missile-it-tested-sunday-is-capable-of-carrying-a-large-nuke 03:22

North Korea says the missile it tested Sunday...

1 month ago     2 Views    
north-korea-fires-another-ballistic-missile-that-lands-60-miles-from-russia 02:30

North Korea fires ANOTHER ballistic missile t...

1 month ago     52 Views    


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