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dropping-brand-new-iphone-down-the-deepest-hole-ever 13:23

dropping brand new iphone down the deepest ho...

11 hours ago     89,874 Views    
tallest-roller-coaster-breaks-down-at-the-worst-possible-time 10:16

tallest roller coaster breaks down at the wor...

6 days ago     145,123 Views    
kid-falls-off-tall-ride-then-this-happens 12:15

kid falls off tall ride, then this happens...

1 week ago     245,893 Views    
angry-lady-yells-at-kid-for-standing-in-road 15:47

angry lady yells at kid for standing in road..

2 weeks ago     300,862 Views    
kid-drops-new-iphone-in-sewer-cries 11:45

kid drops new iphone in sewer... (cries)

3 weeks ago     418,107 Views    
guy-cracks-the-very-first-iphone-x 10:08

guy cracks the very first iPhone X

4 weeks ago     42,102 Views    
turn-1-into-100-simple-trick-life-hacks 10:02

Turn $1 Into $100 Simple Trick! (Life Hacks)

1 month ago     127,684 Views    
telling-my-crush-i-like-him 10:52

telling my crush i like him...

1 month ago     448,767 Views    
i-wanted-a-lamborghini-not-this-stupid-car 13:50

i wanted a lamborghini, not this stupid car...

1 month ago     263,388 Views    
guy-throws-rock-at-a-lamborghini 12:17

guy throws rock at a lamborghini...

1 month ago     708,035 Views    
this-water-slide-had-no-rules-so-this-happened 10:02

this water slide had no rules, so this happen...

1 month ago     2,435,519 Views    
the-glass-was-too-thin 08:58

the glass was too thin...

1 month ago     767,999 Views    
new-mini-starbucks-drink-only-4-50 10:04

new mini starbucks drink, only $4.50

1 month ago     1,720,521 Views    
kid-falls-off-tall-water-slide 10:02

kid falls off tall water slide...

1 month ago     1,017,526 Views    
i-wanted-a-lamborghini-not-these-stupid-cars 11:13

i wanted a lamborghini, not these stupid cars...

2 months ago     1,412,057 Views    


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