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ben-shapiro-berkeley-police-were-happy-to-do-their-job 05:32

Ben Shapiro: Berkeley police were happy to do...

5 days ago     15,371 Views    
ben-shapiro-speaks-at-uc-berkeley-amid-protests 04:36

Ben Shapiro speaks at UC Berkeley amid protests

5 days ago     15,854 Views    
harvard-removes-title-for-chelsea-manning 01:51

Harvard removes title for Chelsea Manning

5 days ago     7,967 Views    
1-student-killed-3-wounded-in-washington-school-shooting 01:49

1 student killed, 3 wounded in Washington sch...

6 days ago     3,046 Views    
ben-shapiro-gears-up-for-his-speech-at-berkeley 05:29

Ben Shapiro gears up for his speech at Berkeley

1 week ago     1,104 Views    
mike-huckabee-on-the-republican-agenda-just-do-it 06:08

Mike Huckabee on the Republican agenda: Just ...

1 week ago     24 Views    
north-korea-threat 02:52

North Korea threat

1 week ago     32 Views    
hannity-to-mcconnell-you-need-to-get-out-of-the-way 08:31

Hannity to McConnell: You need to get out of ...

1 week ago     35 Views    
laura-ingraham-trump-exposed-the-clintons-for-who-they-are 05:28

Laura Ingraham: Trump exposed the Clintons fo...

1 week ago     67 Views    
gutfeld-on-the-media-s-relentless-anti-trump-coverage 12:54

Gutfeld on the media's relentless anti-Trump ...

1 week ago     43 Views    
tucker-espn-stands-for-endless-stupid-political-nagging 07:39

Tucker: ESPN stands for 'Endless Stupid Polit...

1 week ago     62 Views    
what-it-s-like-to-be-smeared-by-southern-poverty-law-center 04:08

What it's like to be smeared by Southern Pove...

1 week ago     67 Views    
democrats-have-a-religion-problem 03:54

Democrats have a religion problem

1 week ago     35 Views    
scotus-trump-admin-can-keep-travel-ban-on-most-refugees 02:57

SCOTUS: Trump admin can keep travel ban on mo...

1 week ago     7 Views    
bill-bennett-on-growing-concerns-over-antifa-violence 01:44

Bill Bennett on growing concerns over Antifa ...

1 week ago     5 Views    
mulvaney-working-on-ways-to-de-politicize-the-debt-ceiling 07:36

Mulvaney: Working on ways to de-politicize th...

1 week ago     17 Views    
how-president-trump-is-practicing-triangulation 02:21

How President Trump is practicing 'triangulat...

1 week ago     14 Views    
trump-to-launch-a-cross-country-blitz-for-tax-reform 03:26

Trump to launch a cross country blitz for tax...

1 week ago     11 Views    
new-concerns-over-the-cost-of-disaster-relief-funding 02:30

New concerns over the cost of disaster relief...

1 week ago     14 Views    
will-clinton-s-book-help-or-hurt-democrats-going-forward 06:24

Will Clinton's book help or hurt Democrats go...

1 week ago     26 Views    


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