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husky-plays-peekaboo-with-owner 00:36

Husky plays peekaboo with owner

1 week ago     50,698 Views    
pit-bull-puppy-sleeps-upside-down 00:36

Pit Bull puppy sleeps upside down

1 week ago     12 Views    
anxious-husky-finds-companionship-in-tiny-kitten 02:12

Anxious husky finds companionship in tiny kitten

1 week ago     3 Views    
bulldog-snores-herself-off-the-couch 01:24

Bulldog snores herself off the couch

1 week ago     7 Views    
dogs-ducks-goats-and-chickens-walk-in-single-file-line 01:26

Dogs, ducks, goats and chickens walk in singl...

2 weeks ago     35 Views    
guilty-husky-can-t-face-the-truth-throws-temper-tantrum 01:12

Guilty husky can't face the truth, throws tem...

3 weeks ago     53 Views    
kitten-cries-when-human-stops-petting-it 01:01

Kitten cries when human stops petting it

3 weeks ago     37 Views    
bulldog-bargains-for-spot-on-owner-s-bed 01:12

Bulldog bargains for spot on owner's bed

3 weeks ago     36 Views    
funny-golden-retriever-puppy-thinks-he-s-lost 01:07

Funny Golden Retriever puppy thinks he's lost

3 weeks ago     41 Views    
dog-makes-it-clear-what-he-wants-from-owner 00:51

Dog makes it clear what he wants from owner

3 weeks ago     35 Views    
clydesdale-s-emotional-response-to-running-free-in-meadow 01:35

Clydesdale's emotional response to running fr...

4 weeks ago     28 Views    
super-talkative-chihuahua-annoys-her-sister 01:24

Super talkative chihuahua annoys her sister

1 month ago     21 Views    
french-bulldog-can-t-hide-his-guilt 00:18

French Bulldog can't hide his guilt

1 month ago     10,242 Views    
newfoundland-gets-jealous-of-sibling-goes-on-the-attack 00:56

Newfoundland gets jealous of sibling, goes on...

2 months ago     23 Views    
waterfall-in-croatia-blown-upwards-by-high-winds 02:42

Waterfall in Croatia blown upwards by high winds

7 months ago     15,383 Views    
this-is-why-you-never-steal-a-jeep-s-parking-spot 01:12

This is why you never steal a Jeep's parking ...

8 months ago     644,980 Views    
clever-orangutan-makes-a-fair-trade-with-human 01:21

Clever orangutan makes a fair trade with human

11 months ago     6,781,785 Views    
stubborn-husky-throws-hilarious-temper-tantrum 01:11

Stubborn Husky throws hilarious temper tantrum

1 year ago     12,635,561 Views    
guy-popping-wheelie-on-atv-results-in-head-on-collision 00:30

Guy popping wheelie on ATV results in head-on...

1 year ago     17,229 Views    
adrienn-banhegyi-is-the-world-s-best-jump-roper 02:44

Adrienn Banhegyi is the world's best jump roper

1 year ago     10,730 Views    


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