Jason Lanier

photographers-and-cops-shooting-in-public-places-discrimination-and-collaborating-for-success 12:57

Photographers and Cops, Shooting in Public Pl...

1 day ago     47 Views    
how-to-become-a-professional-photographer-and-make-it-beyond-the-gear-event-by-jason-lanier 18:16

How to Become a Professional Photographer and...

3 days ago     75 Views    
sony-artisan-miguel-quiles-makes-fun-of-and-impersonates-sony-artisan-jason-lanier 03:35

Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles Makes Fun of and I...

6 days ago     67 Views    
5-minute-solo-shoot-challenge-episode-2-sony-a9-with-the-rotolight-neo-and-the-50mm-sony-zeiss 13:56

5 Minute Solo Shoot Challenge Episode #2- Son...

1 week ago     4,365 Views    
shooting-for-cinematic-effect-with-a-narration-overview-on-the-lightroom-and-photoshop-edits 12:10

Shooting for Cinematic Effect- with a narrati...

1 week ago     51 Views    
behind-the-scenes-of-my-shoot-with-the-angry-photographer-answering-your-questions 35:32

Behind the Scenes of my Shoot with the Angry ...

1 week ago     60 Views    
beyond-the-gear-free-event-photographers-uniting-event-june-15th-4-7pm-in-los-angeles 04:41

Beyond the Gear- FREE EVENT! Photographers U...

2 weeks ago     25 Views    
shoot-between-jason-lanier-and-ken-wheeler-the-angry-photographer-sony-a9-and-the-fuji-gfx 26:33

Shoot Between Jason Lanier and Ken Wheeler th...

2 weeks ago     120 Views    
sony-lover-vs-sony-hater-when-jason-lanier-met-the-angry-photographer-ken-wheeler 29:57

Sony Lover vs. Sony Hater- when Jason Lanier ...

2 weeks ago     153 Views    
5-minute-solo-shoot-challenge-using-a-white-reflector-in-an-abandoned-hotel-for-portraits 12:52

5 Minute SOLO SHOOT CHALLENGE- Using a white ...

3 weeks ago     95 Views    
my-first-wedding-with-the-sony-a9-no-overheating-no-warnings-just-an-amazing-camera 13:05

My First Wedding with the Sony A9- No Overhea...

3 weeks ago     26,823 Views    
bend-oregon-in-4k-completely-ungraded-raw-footage-from-the-sony-a9-using-5-different-lenses 08:51

Bend Oregon in 4K! Completely ungraded raw f...

1 month ago     132 Views    
blending-and-balancing-light-using-artificial-lights-to-blend-with-ambient-light-with-the-sony-a9 12:35

Blending and Balancing Light- Using Artificia...

1 month ago     68 Views    
5-minute-shoot-challenge-natural-light-no-assistants-with-the-sony-a9-and-70-200-f-2-8-g-master 06:48

5 Minute Shoot Challenge! Natural Light, No A...

1 month ago     105 Views    
sony-a9-real-world-iso-test-100-to-102-400-ungraded-unedited-footage-from-san-francisco 05:04

Sony A9 REAL World ISO Test- 100 to 102,400, ...

1 month ago     94 Views    
answering-your-questions-about-the-sony-a9-live-with-the-camera 1:04:16

Answering Your Questions about the Sony A9 Li...

1 month ago     700 Views    
sony-a9-buffer-real-world-test-continuous-high-20-fps-and-medium-10-fps-in-raw 09:12

Sony A9- Buffer Real World Test! Continuous ...

1 month ago     15,250 Views    
sony-a9-using-canon-lenses-with-the-sigma-mc11-adapter-low-light-auto-focus-test 09:36

Sony A9- Using Canon Lenses with the Sigma MC...

1 month ago     92 Views    
night-shoot-using-car-lights-led-lights-a-diffuser-and-a-reflector-at-an-abandoned-building 16:57

Night Shoot using Car Lights, LED Lights, a D...

1 month ago     108 Views    
10-reasons-why-the-sony-a9-will-be-the-best-wedding-photography-camera-in-the-world 29:54

10 Reasons Why the Sony A9 Will be the Best W...

1 month ago     119 Views    


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