Lisa Haven

going-viral-cnn-admits-russia-collusion-is-fake-james-o-keefe-bombshell 05:41

GOING VIRAL: CNN Admits “Russia Collusion” Is...

15 hours ago     254 Views    
bang-wikileaks-drops-bomb-on-the-democrats-heads-oh-boy-here-we-go 06:48

BANG! Wikileaks Drops BOMB On The Democrats H...

1 day ago     321 Views    
feminist-magazine-attacks-white-women-says-white-abortion-is-the-solution-racist-punks 08:02

Feminist Magazine Attacks White Women Says, “...

1 day ago     87 Views    
the-government-has-a-plan-to-survive-and-you-re-not-part-of-it-be-ready 08:55

The Government Has a Plan to “Survive” and Yo...

2 days ago     270 Views    
white-house-issues-omnibus-warning-and-continues-national-emergency-what-do-they-know 05:27

White House Issues Omnibus Warning and Contin...

4 days ago     193 Views    
serious-provocations-now-blazing-a-path-to-ww-iii-here-s-what-they-re-not-saying-how-bad-it-is 13:55


6 days ago     47 Views    
whoa-facebook-accidentally-creates-freakish-monster-ai-think-i-robot 04:56

WHOA! Facebook Accidentally Creates Freakish ...

1 week ago     295 Views    
loretta-lynch-got-lynched-look-what-the-trump-administration-is-gonna-do-to-her 06:55

Loretta Lynch Got “Lynched:” Look What The Tr...

1 week ago     342 Views    
yellowstone-to-rip-the-guts-of-out-usa-scientist-warns-as-swarms-hit-rumored-contracts-rise 08:55

Yellowstone to Rip The Guts Of Out USA? Scien...

1 week ago     331 Views    
savage-map-reveals-disturbing-info-for-trump-supporters-protect-yourselves-while-you-still-can 09:57

Savage MAP Reveals Disturbing Info For Trump ...

1 week ago     47 Views    
president-trumps-tapes-political-insider-leaks-critical-detail-he-s-been-warned-to-keep-quiet 26:53

President Trumps “Tapes?” Political Insider L...

1 week ago     65,215 Views    
the-jeff-sessions-impact-it-s-all-coming-together-and-this-is-where-it-got-real 10:30

The Jeff Sessions IMPACT: It’s All Coming Tog...

1 week ago     207 Views    
while-you-re-being-distracted-governments-takeover-and-256-renegade-mayors-defy-american-s 08:47

While You’re Being DISTRACTED Governments Tak...

2 weeks ago     200 Views    
ny-theater-kills-president-trump-then-gets-hit-with-karma-you-ll-love-this 04:37

NY Theater KILLS President Trump Then Gets Hi...

2 weeks ago     120 Views    
wow-new-haunting-video-of-murdered-dnc-staffer-seth-rich-surfaces-wait-until-you-see-whats-on-it 04:00

WOW! NEW Haunting Video Of Murdered DNC Staff...

2 weeks ago     295 Views    
bernie-sanders-just-did-something-no-one-thought-he-would-do-christians-everywhere-are-ticked 09:41

Bernie Sanders Just Did Something NO ONE Thou...

2 weeks ago     163 Views    
trump-vindicated-here-s-what-the-mainstream-media-wont-say-about-james-comey 12:00

TRUMP VINDICATED—Here’s What The Mainstream M...

2 weeks ago     155 Views    
just-before-james-comey-testifies-trump-tweeted-something-that-has-him-twitching-in-his-boots 03:18

Just Before James Comey Testifies, Trump Twee...

2 weeks ago     302 Views    
thousands-of-americans-just-positioned-themselves-for-something-that-will-strike-america-did-you 14:36

THOUSANDS of Americans JUST Positioned Themse...

3 weeks ago     356 Views    
l-a-times-embraced-satanism-publishes-article-on-how-to-literally-curse-the-president 05:05

L.A. Times Embraced Satanism: Publishes Artic...

1 month ago     311 Views    


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