The Young Turks

trump-suggests-he-recorded-call-to-soldier-s-widow-which-is-illegal 05:14

Trump Suggests He Recorded Call To Soldier's ...

1 day ago     110,224 Views    
fox-and-friends-defend-trump-s-extra-special-phone-call 11:07

Fox And Friends Defend Trump's "Extra Special...

1 day ago     112,244 Views    
televangelist-god-will-punish-those-who-mock-me-video 06:10

Televangelist: God Will Punish Those Who Mock...

2 days ago     132,001 Views    
spurs-coach-dunks-on-trump-after-niger-comments 04:59

Spurs Coach Dunks On Trump After Niger Comments

2 days ago     131,798 Views    
bob-weinstein-on-harvey-weinstein-s-sexual-misconduct 07:40

Bob Weinstein On Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Mi...

2 days ago     85,231 Views    
trump-mocks-christians-who-voted-for-him 07:45

Trump Mocks Christians Who Voted For Him

3 days ago     271,116 Views    
niger-ambush-could-be-trump-s-benghazi 08:36

Niger Ambush Could Be Trump's Benghazi

3 days ago     167,516 Views    
larry-flynt-puts-10-million-bounty-on-trump-s-presidency 04:47

Larry Flynt Puts $10 MILLION Bounty On Trump'...

3 days ago     134,600 Views    
lawsuit-time-kaepernick-going-to-war-with-nfl-owners 07:51

Lawsuit Time: Kaepernick Going To War With NF...

3 days ago     32,819 Views    
people-are-alarmed-by-megyn-kelly 07:30

"People Are Alarmed" By Megyn Kelly

5 days ago     314,794 Views    
jared-kushner-real-estate-s-biggest-failson 09:29

Jared Kushner: Real Estate's Biggest Failson

6 days ago     118,938 Views    
white-house-leak-trump-is-unraveling 11:47

WHITE HOUSE LEAK: Trump Is Unraveling

6 days ago     344,214 Views    
victim-of-charlottesville-beating-wanted-for-arrest 11:15

VICTIM Of Charlottesville Beating Wanted For ...

1 week ago     152,407 Views    
trump-wants-insane-amount-of-nukes 11:58

Trump Wants INSANE Amount Of Nukes

1 week ago     122,245 Views    
espn-suspends-jemele-hill-trump-gloats-on-twitter 06:38

ESPN Suspends Jemele Hill, Trump Gloats On Tw...

1 week ago     87,372 Views    
is-trump-smart-enough-to-be-president 12:09

Is Trump Smart Enough To Be President?

1 week ago     166,703 Views    
trump-golf-cheat 05:47

Trump = Golf Cheat

1 week ago     69,692 Views    
trump-vs-the-nfl 11:43

Trump Vs. The NFL

1 week ago     101,609 Views    
new-nazi-killing-game-triggers-alt-right 05:58

New Nazi-Killing Game Triggers Alt-Right

1 week ago     172,009 Views    
how-racist-is-the-new-dove-ad 08:19

How Racist Is The New Dove Ad?

1 week ago     128,585 Views    


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