The Young Turks

jason-chaffetz-congress-needs-housing-stipend 08:40

Jason Chaffetz: Congress Needs Housing Stipend

11 hours ago     196 Views    
google-slapped-with-record-fine 05:10

Google Slapped With Record Fine

12 hours ago     541 Views    
democratic-lobbyists-switching-to-team-trump 16:59

Democratic Lobbyists Switching To Team Trump

13 hours ago     311 Views    
congressman-decries-voodoo-economics-while-pushing-for-voodoo-economics 09:38

Congressman Decries Voodoo Economics While Pu...

13 hours ago     225 Views    
mitch-mcconnell-admits-obamacare-won-t-fail-on-its-own 08:48

Mitch McConnell Admits Obamacare Won't Fail O...

14 hours ago     224 Views    
paul-ryan-not-my-problem-22-million-will-choose-to-lose-healthcare 04:07

Paul Ryan: Not My Problem 22 Million Will CHO...

14 hours ago     365 Views    
reporter-sick-of-being-called-fake-news-goes-off 07:27

Reporter Sick Of Being Called 'Fake News' Goe...

14 hours ago     130 Views    
professor-fired-for-otto-warmbier-comments 07:35

Professor Fired For Otto Warmbier Comments

1 day ago     87,167 Views    
doctor-charged-with-murder-of-5-patients 05:45

Doctor Charged With Murder Of 5 Patients

1 day ago     261 Views    
kochfest-2017-billionaires-time-to-get-what-we-paid-for 09:05

Kochfest 2017 Billionaires: Time To Get What ...

1 day ago     232 Views    
separation-of-church-and-state-gets-hurt-on-the-playground 07:20

Separation Of Church And State Gets Hurt On T...

1 day ago     176 Views    
protecting-medicaid-is-republican-for-cutting-medicaid 11:12

'Protecting Medicaid' Is Republican For 'Cutt...

1 day ago     228 Views    
trump-accuses-qatar-of-terrorism-immediately-sells-them-weapons 02:53

Trump Accuses Qatar Of Terrorism, IMMEDIATELY...

2 days ago     408 Views    
trump-desperately-backpedals-on-comey-tapes-comment 05:31

Trump Desperately Backpedals On Comey "Tapes"...

3 days ago     181,122 Views    
john-king-fox-and-friends-is-state-tv-for-trump 07:21

John King: Fox And Friends Is State TV For Trump

4 days ago     224 Views    
trump-i-m-the-least-anti-semitic-person-you-ve-ever-seen 12:01

Trump: I'm The Least Anti-Semitic Person You'...

4 days ago     390 Views    
are-republicans-trying-to-kill-drug-addicts 03:51

Are Republicans TRYING To Kill Drug Addicts?

5 days ago     336 Views    
tyt-ogilvy-vidcon-2017 19:51

TYT / Ogilvy VidCon 2017

5 days ago     483 Views    
driver-fined-for-speaking-spanish 05:19

Driver Fined For Speaking Spanish

6 days ago     343 Views    
man-bun-ken-doll-more-popular-than-trump 06:50

Man Bun Ken Doll More Popular Than Trump

6 days ago     380 Views    


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