Julien Solomita

we-needed-new-bed-sheets 12:09

we needed new bed sheets

1 day ago     112,941 Views    
my-new-friends 08:41

my new friends

2 days ago     37,780 Views    
my-anxiety 09:27

my anxiety

1 week ago     195,122 Views    
spending-the-day-with-mr-marbles 07:44

spending the day with mr. marbles

1 week ago     227,407 Views    
i-am-not-good-at-this 12:11

i am not good at this

2 weeks ago     1,675 Views    
our-dogs-hold-hands-with-eachother 13:04

our dogs hold hands with eachother

2 weeks ago     92,808 Views    
i-ve-waited-a-long-time-for-this 07:05

i've waited a long time for this

3 weeks ago     3,448 Views    
we-turned-ourselves-into-punk-edits 07:14

we turned ourselves into punk edits

4 weeks ago     2,156 Views    
kermit-s-7th-birthday 09:24

kermit's 7th birthday

4 weeks ago     161,475 Views    
our-dogs-have-no-concept-of-time 08:09

our dogs have no concept of time

4 weeks ago     102,476 Views    
peachy-s-3rd-birthday 10:15

peachy's 3rd birthday

1 month ago     155,829 Views    
the-internet-wishing-us-happy-anniversary-made-me-think 06:50

the internet wishing us ‘happy anniversary’ m...

1 month ago     33 Views    
i-broke-my-glasses 07:12

i broke my glasses

1 month ago     34,785 Views    
i-want-to-say-thank-you 07:05

i want to say thank you

1 month ago     1,829 Views    
mr-marbles-9th-birthday 07:20

mr. marbles 9th birthday

1 month ago     449,161 Views    
change-of-plans 11:29

change of plans

1 month ago     112,007 Views    
we-threw-a-pizza-party-podcast 08:55

we threw a pizza party podcast

1 month ago     139,989 Views    
the-store-that-sells-dead-animals 08:15

the store that sells dead animals

1 month ago     178,992 Views    
the-drone-you-can-fly-with-your-hand-dji-spark 04:09

the drone you can fly with your hand (DJI Spark)

1 month ago     1,053 Views    
the-big-day 07:39

the big day

1 month ago     69,998 Views    


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